About and the message

Dollcrossing is an idea borned in Vienna on January the 24th 2011.
Exactly as the bookcrossing, the intention is to share things in order to connect people and cultures, let people communicate, in our case thanks to a doll.

The first message said:

Wien, January the 24 th 2011
Erika made it in Italy,
take her and let she travel with you. Then leave the doll where you prefer, so that another person can take it and do the same. Send me info and photos of her story to erylove@iol.it

This was the only way I had to continue travellig and show that in my mind world has no borders. I hoped that find a doll and read such a fair and genuine message, exactly as the object, could let the travel starts. And so it was, now my dolls are travelling and me too, with their eye.

Continue following the adventures, maybe the next person who’ll find one of them is you!


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