Once upon a time …

This story starts in Vienna …. no, better,
the story starts in Imola, small town of Italy, on april the 25th 2010.

Pencils and something to sew, a bit of imagination and Mrs Tea Potter has born.

About her future I didn’t know a lot, but the certain thing was that I had to give her to someone because I don’t use to keep my works.

So the first idea was to give her as a gift, and for that reason Mrs Tea Potter, this is my doll’s name, had her first travel to Vienna, in Austria.
Unexpectedly the chosen person wasn’t there and bringing back the doll with me seemed to be so sad that, excited of my holiday and beautiful things I was doing, I decided to leave her in a very cultural and cool place, the Museums Quartier.

This is me, saying goodbye to her.

After having seen Klimt, Schiele and other incredible artists, the only thing I wanted was to stay in contact with art and different cultures. The only way I had was to let my doll travel for me and meet people all over the world.

The pics below show my last moments spent with her:

So I’ve waited about 3 weeks till I received an e-mail from Astrid! such a big surprise! Find out where the doll was then!