A week ago in London


A week has passed since I left Miss L’Orfeo to her fate.
Differently than I wrote in the post before, the doll has been left in the Spitalfield Market, and not in Camden. As soon as I’ve abandoned her I saw some people looking at her … but I’ve closed the eye and went to the opposite direction not to see …

I’m still waiting for news from the new owner … so, if you are reading the blog, please leave here a comment or send me an email!

I post some pics of the last moments with her 🙂
doll travels dollcrossing

a doll in the market


From Tyrol to … Toronto!!

I’m very happy to show you where Mrs Tea Potter is now …
She’s spending beautiful but also cold days in Toronto, Canada!!
Astrid has left her there.
With this post I’d like to say many thanks to Astrid, as I wrote her, she has been (she but also her sister Kathrin) a very perfect firs owner!!

So shall we see who will be the next,
I leave you with the last Astrid’s e-mail!

february the 26th 2011

dear erika,
i send you pictures from your doll, we went to toronto (canada) and after some sightseeing i decided to put her in the entrance hall of the canon theatre (where for example billy elliot is shown) on a phone box, hoping that someone interested in culture and art would take her.
this was on sunday afternoon, so lets see if she will show up again.
actually it was not easy to make a decision where to leave her 😉 !

yours sincerely

See further pics of Mrs Tea Potter in Canada!

travel 1° Astrid and Kathrin from Tyrol/Vienna

February the 11th 2011

dear erika,
i send you some pictures from your puppet, she travelled from the riesenrad in vienna and the pony-horses to tyrol in western austria, where she spent some great sunny days in the mountains of tyrol. on the first picture you can almost see her, she is hiding a little bit, but you, as you made her, of course you will see her imediately.

the doll will have now one week off and then go to – surprise ;-), where i will leave her for the next willing person to take her along.

i hope your idea will be successfull, i actually would love to hear maybe once again where your doll went after i left her in …, i will send you some more pictures from there.

have a great weekend
yours astrid

See more pics …

february the 14th 2011

hello erika!

i´m sorry for not writing earlier but i had a lot to do with my baby and therefore I couldn´t send pictures of your lovely doll.

I met erika in january in Museumsquartier. we were out for a walk with the dog and the baby. she was sitting there alone and i thought someone forgot her. when i came closer i saw what a nice and lovely doll she ist and that  she was wearing a little paper. so I took her with me and decided to take her for a ride with the giant wheel in Vienna because i thought she might like that. and she did – as you can see on the picture.

i went there with my sister and her daughters sonja and jasmin. I wanted to leave her in  the giant wheel but erika didn´t want to stay there decided to take sonjas hand and leave giant wheel again with her new friend.

this is where my story with erika unfortunately ends and a new one began.

I hope to get some news from you about her story.

many greetings from Vienna and sorry again for being that late…