A week ago in London


A week has passed since I left Miss L’Orfeo to her fate.
Differently than I wrote in the post before, the doll has been left in the Spitalfield Market, and not in Camden. As soon as I’ve abandoned her I saw some people looking at her … but I’ve closed the eye and went to the opposite direction not to see …

I’m still waiting for news from the new owner … so, if you are reading the blog, please leave here a comment or send me an email!

I post some pics of the last moments with her 🙂
doll travels dollcrossing

a doll in the market


Mme Bonheur lost in Paris

Dear Dollcrossing followers!

Do you remember about Mme Bonheur?! she had to travel to Paris to find a new owner.
Well, I left her exactly in the place I’ve chosen before to flight there, the Shakespeare & Co. bookshop, but unfortunally she’s vanished without a trace 😦

dollcrossing_at_shakespeare&coI’m very sad about it ’cause, saying the truth, I had great expectations for this sencond time. I was also very proud about the doll and her dress, so parisien!!

But hope dies last, and I’m still waiting about something ;-P
I upload some pics of  her during the holiday in Paris and keep o’s finger crossed!

With NOTRE DAME in the background:

dollcrossing_pariswith a Basset Hound friend found at MARCHE AUX PUCES DE SAINT-OUEN: